The Art of Memory

Etternal is made up of a team of experts in cremation art that offer its customers the most exquisite urns and commemorative monuments, so that the ashes of their loved may benefit from a beautiful, dignified final resting place worthy of their memory.

Etternal’s commitment to art makes this team a unique enterprise, putting cremation art at the service of personal and family remembrance whilst at the same time meeting the strictest creative requirements. The cremation urn, made a work of art, keeps alive the memory of a loved one and pays tribute to them.

Etternal is a company based upon a simple structure of cremation art directors from a wide variety of professional backgrounds who work in fruitful collaboration with talented artists sharing the same concerns. Etternal therefore works as a collective of art directors and artists with a common mission: to dignify cremation art, purging it of mannerisms and returning to it its proper status of commemorative art. Essentially, what we offer is matchless cremation art to honour with beauty the memory of your loved ones, thereby both promoting art and helping to create a more humane society.