• Cocomir


    Cocomir knows that it is only through the perfection of form that a work of art is served by a personalized and difficult craft, becoming valid as an emotionally moving document and artistic expression.

  • Création de Etternal

    Création de Etternal

    Arising from diverse fields of plastic experimentaion, Etternal''s Création artists combine proven talent for painting, design and modelling. From concept to execution.

  • David Sánchez

    David Sánchez

    I aim to express in poetic shapes what is happening based on my introspection of experienced sensations. A poem, an image in memory, the nature filtered through my being, all of these are related to my work and become the result of an almost immaterial sensibility: the extension, the outside, what is external to us, the medium in which we move, our environment, the living space.

  • Gilbert Herreyns

    Gilbert Herreyns

    Each Herreyns work is a luminous texture, an asymmetric network that seeks to envelop us.

    It seduces us through the treatment of color, of course, but no less also through the intricate set of vertical and horizontal lines that run throughout the work, forming innumerable little squares, with the appearance of precision.

  • Hombrelópez


    The work of Hombrelópez is the result of an unstoppable creative drive, fueled by imagination and a throbbing personality since he was a child. Close to Arte Povera in style, heterogeneous in scope and using diverse and recycled materials, his artistic discourse links with that of green and ecological movements. His artistic education and training was undertaken both in Spain and Hawaii, USA. Hombrelópez’s creations still reflect a childish look, an impulse that can be traced back to his teen passion for comic books but also from the constant curiosity for objects found anywhere, apparently forgotten, that the artist reshapes, reassembles, giving birth to a new-old body.

  • Jordi Cases

    Jordi Cases

  • Leopoldo Irriguible

    Leopoldo Irriguible

    Irriguible paints the ideas; he paints the idea where the opposites converge, where the oppositions of substance and form, chaos and order, painting and drawing, movement and stability, harmonize their differences and share a place, real and ideal, on the surface of the material and the imagination of who looks at them. That place where the desire to command the chaos and disturb the order concur in the perfect space of simultaneity.

  • MU&JO


    Odette and Marc are responsible for the entire corporate image of Etternal, and, from there, the illusion with which they have received the commission to contribute their peculiar vision of design to one of the most exclusive urns of the collection Memoriam.

  • roc'n'rob

    roc'n'rob studio

    The spirit of roc’n’rob is young like that of the origins of rock & roll in the 50’s, with no ties and fresh, constantly searching for new sensations and new angles.

  • Rocío Margarit

    Rocío Margarit

    Clean shapes, naked and apart from a visual texture express my feeling through two materials: glass and metal.

  • Yukiko Murata

    Yukiko Murata

    Both ceramics and glass artist, Yukiko Murata combines in her creative oeuvre the traditional Japanese sensibility and technique with a special interest in allegory and Nature. Her works and her art are born of the psychological game of figurative representation and metaphorical insinuation, where things are sometimes unfold and its apparent meaning is diluted.