Cremation Urn MIRROR CUBE

This cube hides within it a Christian symbol: opening up its sides, you can make a Christian cross.

The Mirror Cube urn made by Création boasts a brilliant chromed finish that reflects the light and, in a way, illuminates one’s memories.

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586,78 €

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Elegance and design are the watchwords of this urn, the creation of artist Hombrelópez.

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There is a light is both a homage to the memory of the person as to light itself.

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This urn is made up of two parts, one of glass and the other of cast aluminium. Combined, they form a complex yet harmonious whole.

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On top of the sober aesthetics of the cube, Création has created an unique cremation urn with Swarovski ® Elements.

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The artist Gilbert Herreyns refers to the tree, symbol of life and constancy of memory, to propose the urn RETURN TO THE NATURE.

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Some books tell stories, some are fiction, other poetry, and some contain a man's life.

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The sphere, which has neither beginning nor end, represents eternity.

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The cross is a perennial shape in both art and the history of humankind.

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The cylinder is a reference to the column, which in classical antiquity was associated with temporal and spiritual authority.

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This urn is in the shape of a triangle, the symbol of the king and of health for the ancient Hittites.

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Ancient Egypt’s palm and papyrus columns represented the road to Heaven. This urn conveys this allegory, with the aesthetic matt treatment conferring upon its high quality steel a particularly attractive appearance.

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A massive cube of Macael marble adorned with four silver supports of modernist inspiration.

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The triangle, the Christian symbol for the Holy Trinity, is also used by the Pueblo Indians to represent a sacred mountain.

586,78 €

On the two facings of this urn a nineteenth century Japanese illustration has been etched and coloured.

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In Japanese funereal stupas, the cube represents the element Earth. 

586,78 €

An allegory of the column, the MIRROR CYLINDER evokes the former’s origins: the architecture of woodlands, where columns took the place previously occupied by the trunks of the trees. 

586,78 €

Paying tribute to ancestral Asian cultures, this cremation urn evokes, with its sinuous frontal lines, spiritual peace and vital harmony.

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The cube, described by Plato in his “Platonic solids”, is a symbol of perfection. 

586,78 €

Both in Platonic philosophy and in Japanese stupas, the three faces of the prism represent Fire, one of the four elements.

586,78 €

The artists Mu & Jo gather in this urn their sensitivity and creativity under a current and innovative graphic concept.

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Drawing inspiration from the allegory of the phoenix, the artist Cocomir has produced this urn, which uses for its base a pyramid at whose vertex two swallows take off in eternal flight.

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A swallow of exceptional beauty points to the heavens to suggest, symbolically, that our loved one is not alone, since our love will always be with them.

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According to tradition, the base of the pyramid represents the Earth and its vertex Heaven.

586,78 €

The recurrent figure of the swallow, that most mysterious and poetical of birds, has inspired artist Cocomir to create this urn, which offers a beautiful allegory our deepest, most intimate feelings.

2 234,71 €

A bronze angel casts its gaze skywards, pointing to the heavens with one wing.

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This urn, with its structuralist forms and composition, is made up of two materials: iron and Czech class which, masterfully combined, make up an impressive and aesthetic sculpture in the avant-garde style.

1 641,32 €

A gloss black cylinder is topped a decorative cover in solid aluminium, to provide a highly suggestive solution with cutting-edge artistic references.

296,69 €

According to tradition, the base of the pyramid represents the Earth and its vertex heaven. To this shape, fused with symbolism, we have applied a brilliant chromed finish to endow it with a spectacular presence.

586,78 €

Data sheet

TechniqueSteel forging and brilliant chromed finish.
Capacity3300 cc / 201 cubic inches
Height26.0 cm / 10.1 inches
Width19.0 cm / 7.4 inches
Depth19.0 cm / 7.4 inches
Weight4.5 kg / 9.9 pounds