Cremation Keepsake SENYAL

According to Zen Garden's philosophy, the greatness of the Universe lies in simple things.

The artist Yukiko Murata offers us this delicate Keepsake, inspired by decorations on the Japanese Buddhist temples.

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In Japan there is the belief that the passage between life and death, between the underworld and the other world, it is the crossing of a river. The boulders that surface above the water help us walk over the river and show us that path to the afterlife.

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In Japanese tradition, mountains are sacred and have been icons of the country’s art since Antiquity.

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In line with the naturalist tradition of the Land of the Rising Sun, Japanese artist Yukiko Murata has taken inspiration from the mountains lit on certain nights by the full moon.

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Human being needs to hold their body onto the earth, on the ground, but their spirit remains always in the cosmos.

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Your closeness to and eternal link with your loved one find expression in this urn, with its sober, yet symbolism-infused style.

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Elegance and design are the watchwords of this keepsake, the creation of artist Hombrelópez.

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On the base of a pyramid, the most sublime symbol of Ancient Egyptian memorial art, the artist Cocomir place three bronze swallows providing a marvellous allegory of companionship.

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According to tradition, the base of the pyramid represents the Earth and its vertex heaven.

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This keepsake, made of unalterable steel and decorated with Swarovski® Elements, is one of the most exclusive in our collection.

494,21 €

On top of the sober aesthetics of the cube, we have created an unique cremation urn with Swarovski ® Elements.

494,21 €

Data sheet

CustomizationNo customizable
MaterialPorcelain with Molochite and Glass
TechniqueHandmade. Porcelain turning and Glass casting.
Capacity2000 cc / 122 cubic inches
Height22.5 cm / 8.8 inches
Width12.0 cm / 4.7 inches
Depth12.0 cm / 4.7 inches
Weight2.4 kg / 5.3 pounds