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The artist Gilbert Herreyns refers to the tree, symbol of life and constancy of memory, to propose the urn RETURN TO THE NATURE.

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Gilbert Herreyns (Brussels, 1943) lives and works in Ibiza. He has made since 1961 numerous solo exhibitions in Belgium, Holland, Spain and the United States. He is an artist with an extensive pictorial career and is considered an excellent engraver. His career is defined by the original op art and geometric abstraction from the 1960s to the mature creation of abstractions by infinitely repeating patterns. In the later stages, his works have acquired a complex pictorial effect of vibration and optical illusions in what has been defined as "motion painting." He has also conducted more than seventy group exhibitions and art interventions in Japan and Italy.

Funeral art

A cremation urn is not only a shelter where the ashes can rest, but rather is a physical presence to remind all references of the human being that is placed in it.rnIt is also a way of perpetuating all the memories in time, giving them a presence in present time and preserving them for the future. So it is no wonder that for a long time artists have been requested to provide their creativity and reshape the concept of gathering of everything and nothing.'