At Etternal, we create the most exquisite works of cremation art with the most talented artists. Sculptors, artists, designers and architects with different tastes and backgrounds have created unique works and series of cremation urns, keepsakes, monuments and jewels produced with the warmest of feelings and respecting the noblest forms of commemorative art.

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A gloss black cylinder is topped a decorative cover in solid aluminium, to provide a highly suggestive solution with cutting-edge artistic references.

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According to tradition, the base of the pyramid represents the Earth and its vertex heaven. To this shape, fused with symbolism, we have applied a brilliant chromed finish to endow it with a spectacular presence.

586,78 €

This urn is in the shape of a triangle, the symbol of the king and of health for the ancient Hittites.

652,89 €

The cross is a perennial shape in both art and the history of humankind.

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This urn is made up of two parts, one of glass and the other of cast aluminium. Combined, they form a complex yet harmonious whole.

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There is a light is both a homage to the memory of the person as to light itself.

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Ancient Egypt’s palm and papyrus columns represented the road to Heaven. This urn conveys this allegory, with the aesthetic matt treatment conferring upon its high quality steel a particularly attractive appearance.

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