Cremation Urns 

An Etternal cremation urn is a work of art designed to hold the cremated remains of a loved one. They contain all the ashes and their most important feature is therefore their capacity, which should be between three and four litres. Furthermore, Etternal cremation urns comply all the technical requirements for properly fulfilling their function and offer highly levels of artistic quality.

Etternal artistic cremation urns have been created following the most strictest quality standards and manufactured with everlasting materials.

Our commitment is to create cremation urns with the highest artistic quality and the most advanced finishings.

A unique commitment of art to commemoration.


Etternal Cremation Urns have a capacity of 180-245 cubic inches (3-4 litres)

For more information, you can read our guide section, or consult the characteristics of each product.

Customizable works

Some of our works offer the possibility of making the piece unique, by personalizing it. Check the characteristics of each work if you want to know more.

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Elegance and design are the watchwords of this urn, the creation of artist Hombrelópez.

653,64 €

On top of the sober aesthetics of the cube, Création has created an unique cremation urn with Swarovski ® Elements.

916,53 €

The artist Gilbert Herreyns refers to the tree, symbol of life and constancy of memory, to propose the urn RETURN TO THE NATURE.

2 959,50 €

Some books tell stories, some are fiction, other poetry, and some contain a man's life.

784,30 €

The sphere, which has neither beginning nor end, represents eternity.

784,30 €

This cube hides within it a Christian symbol: opening up its sides, you can make a Christian cross.

586,78 €

The cylinder is a reference to the column, which in classical antiquity was associated with temporal and spiritual authority.

652,89 €

A massive cube of Macael marble adorned with four silver supports of modernist inspiration.

3 947,93 €

The triangle, the Christian symbol for the Holy Trinity, is also used by the Pueblo Indians to represent a sacred mountain.

586,78 €

On the two facings of this urn a nineteenth century Japanese illustration has been etched and coloured.

784,30 €

In Japanese funereal stupas, the cube represents the element Earth. 

586,78 €

An allegory of the column, the MIRROR CYLINDER evokes the former’s origins: the architecture of woodlands, where columns took the place previously occupied by the trunks of the trees. 

586,78 €
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